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Bouncy firm

Bouncy firm

Bouncy Firm
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Bouncyfirm Lux is the new and improved version of the well-known Bouncyfirm 160. It is softer to the touch because the adhesive layer is applied from the smoother side. Furthermore, the fabric is passed through a calender, which smoothes the adhesive and the surface of the fabric even more.

Bouncyfirm is a firm, yet flexible fusible dense interfacing. It doesn’t crease and holds wrinkles like other products tend to do. You can scrunch your bag up into a ball and when you let it go, it bounces right back into shape. It’s a great substitute for fleece and adds wonderful structure without the pudginess of foam. .

Bouncyfirm = I need my bag to bouncy back and stay firm when standing up

  • Width of the bolt: 77cm (29 ½”)
  • Fusible on medium heat
  • Washable up to 40°C

Sold per ½ meter