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The Spring Collection

The Spring Collection

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The spring collection is the writing debut of Wendy van Delden. With her brand Wendy's home collection, Wendy already inspires thousands of crocheters. It was only logical a book was next.

A book full of crochet patterns and inspriration that clearly portrays the recognizable style of Wendy. In this book, she shows you all possibilities, tips and tricks to make all patterns to suit your own style.

With her keep-it-simple method Wendy distinguishes herself: Clear basic patterns, all stitches fully described. This way your pattern does not change into a puzzle you need to solve first. A diagram is provided for each pattern which is nice for the more visual crocheter.

Make your own spring collection with the more than 20 crochet patterns of cardigans, blankets, pillows, scarfs, shawls and baskets. The patterns in this book are suitable for beginners as well as for the more advanced crocheters. This is not just a book full of patterns but also a real lifestyle book for a unique crochet experience.